Systems Security Services is dedicated to helping our clients face the constant challenges of protecting their enterprises assets from Cyber, physical and environmental threats. We assist our clients in identifying and mitigating these threats while they constantly improve their security posture. We offer the following services:


Developing and implementing cost-effective security programs that continuously improve your organizations security posture is what we do. Let our experts help ensure your security program continuously improves your security posture.


We offer comprehensive NIST, SANS, and Hybrid based security assessments tailored to your organization, risk tolerance and budget. Continuous monitoring and assessments are critical to protect your organization and its assets. This process helps you identify, track and mitigate vulnerabilities, threats and manage risk effectively.


Security awareness and training programs specially tailored for your organization. A security conscious and aware workforce is "your first line of defense" and the single most cost effective thing you can do to improve your security posture.


SSS provides Cyber security subject matter experts on an hourly basis to utilize for short-term security related requirements lasting from one (1) hour up to twenty (20) hours.


We focus like a laser on your most challenging cyber, risk, audit, compliance and technical  talent requirements. We assist our clients with identifying their talent requirements and in finding, hiring and retaining only the "best, brightest, most qualified & certified candidates".









“The level of expertise & competence  SSS provided was amazing!  Our security posture has been greatly improved. We were literally lost, but SSS came along  and helped us develop and implement a comprehensive security strategy we never thought we could afford. ”


Michael  J



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