Whether you're looking for Cyber warriors, Systems Engineers, Developer's, Architects, Program Managers, C-Level Executives, or virtually any technical professionals, you'll be in expert hands with Systems Security Services (SSS). Our staff know the technologies, and skill-sets necessary to find the best, brightest and most qualified talent anywhere. We provide our clients the top talent they need to prosper. Let our experts help you satisfy your top talent requirements today!



  • We customize each recruitment search to the specific needs and criteria of our client.
  • We will invest the time to learn about your company
  • We will help you identify, the specific requirements of your search
  • We will ask questions, listen to your concerns and provide expertise
  • We will ensure your objectives are met
  • We will utilize many sources to identify the best most qualified candidates
  • We will provide expedient results for unique and often difficult-to-fill openings
  • We will remain "active and engaged" throughout the entire hiring process.
  • We will find the best candidate to meet your requirements on your time line.


See our different types of search options listed below:


Our fees are based upon a percentage of the annualized starting salary and are guaranteed (typically 20%). However they can vary depending on circumstances, requirements and repeat business. No fee is due until you hire the candidate and they report for their first day of work (their starting date). SSS will invoice you on their starting date and payment is due in full within 30 days. We can serve as an ongoing recruiting resource for you as new hiring/recruiting needs arise.


A contractual retainer with a guaranteed top-priority, search service to quickly and efficiently identify the best, brightest & most qualified candidates. Strict employer confidentiality is maintained throughout the search. This is typically for a period of 30 days, but can be for a shorter, or longer period, depending on your requirements.


This is a combination contingency search with an estimated retainer fee paid up front to cover expenses. 25% of the estimated fee is paid upon agreement to take the search. The balance will be due immediately on the start date of the new employee. This fee is not refundable regardless of the outcome of the search. This fee ensures our firm that our research and recruiting efforts (which are always conducted like a retained search) are covered. This also gives you, the client employer, more of an incentive to seriously consider the candidates that are being submitted for review and shows us your investment to hire the best candidate guaranteed. [CONTACT US] To get started now!


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